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Just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic treatment on Friday, it has really helped me feel much better! You are a fantastic therapist!! ♥

Kate Grant, Massage, Aromatherapy & Reiki Practitioner, Milton Keynes 

Up there with my most magical moments! Thankyou so much, quite a wonderful experience - really enjoyed the lomi lomi session.

 Wendy Williams, Milton Keynes

LOVED the sound healing & over-toning. I laughed,it cleared my head. Thankyou! I will be back.

Sarah, Milton Keynes

A lovely massage, made me feel on top of the world.

Dave, Milton Keynes

Amazing!!! So relaxing and centreing...will definitely come again, bless you for your gift! What a release of stress and tension. Love love loved it!

June Waller, Milton Keynes

Fantastic and welcome Thai Massage - better than traditional sports massage - great event recovery. Will be back.

Rachel Slack,Team MK Pentathalete & Hypnotherapist

WOW I can hardly believe it, 35 years I've been going to the doctor with the same complaint, I needed my back straightening out, and on ONE session the fabulous Bliss has got me back on the straight & narrow. Thankyou so much.

Sandy, Milton Keynes

Very relaxing, the best massage I have ever had. Lovely girl who knows her stuff.

Name Withheld, Milton Keynes

Thank you for a fantastic experience. Wishing you every success and happiness "living the dream".

Roz Ditchburn, Milton Keynes

Thank you again for the Reiki training yesterday  it was amazing and a real eye opener too. Your healing space looks the bees knees ab fabulous, not seen anything like it before.

Lucy Macfarlane, Coomplementary Therapist, Milton Keynes

I wanted to write to thank you for the fantastic and inspiring Lomi Lomi course in Abergavenny. You are amazing!

Matthew Harrington, BSc, Massage Practitioner, Bristol

The aura in the room is so relaxing, I cannot wait to come and release some much needed worries. Well done Bliss.

Beth Hinchcliffe, Milton Keynes

This little bit of  'me time' couldn't have come at a better moment. Thankyou, you'll see me again.

Kerry, Milton Keynes

My neck & shoulders feel amazing now, I need this every day! Thank you lots and see you soon for a lovely relaxing session.

Name Withheld, Milton Keynes

What a blessing to be taught by Bliss, and an honour to work with the other participants on the course. Thank you  for easing us into the world of Hawaian mysticism through Lomi Lomi massage and your specific encouragements to ease one of us as you ably supported our learning journeys.

Carrie Thomas, Polarity Therapy Practitioner, Wales

 I feel your knowledge spans all cultures Liz and your enthusiasm for learning and teaching is superb.  You look after all of us so well and bring us together as a group and make it a fun celebration of life but keep it professional as well.  I feel deeply moved that I could move right into the space of being taken to Hawaii and its people and culture as if I had travelled there myself. I love bringing that aspect of working with spirit, of massage being sacred and loving, of all life being sacred and loving into every day of my life.

Angela Brown, Massage & Hypnotherapy Practitioner, Chepstow