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Blending potent plant extracts for therapeutic benefit. This is an ancient practice with roots far beyond written history. I take into account individual symptoms as well as emotional issues and spiritual awareness to create unique blends for each client. These can be air diffused with a de-ionising aroma-warmer, massaged into the skin using a vegetable base oil in conjunction with neuro-muscular technique or other massage, and also provided as  bottled oil blends, bath salts or other bespoke remedies for home use after the therapy session. I am currently lucky enough to be studying Botany and Chemistry as it relates to this therapy with the education chair of the International Federation of Aromatherapists, Margaret Pawlarzyk-Karlinski.




Baby Massage


Building bonds, fostering infant’s strength & flexibility. I am qualified to teach parents and childcare professionals in the art of infant massage. This is beneficial for infants of any age, following the 6 week check-up to ensure they are well to receive massage. Baby massage improves relationships as a form of touch communication between adults and babies, enables the infant to gain an awareness of their body and the way it can move, as well as providing relief from various ailments such as sleeplessness, colic or other digestive issues, teething, etc. I incorporate baby yoga techniques into the massage routine to encourage playfulness, relaxation and gentle exercise for mums post labour. Happy to offer tuition to groups or one on one.




Cancer Support


Empowering, non-invasive care throughout the journey. I offer non judgemental support for patients in treatment or remission from cancer. Having dedicated a number of years to studying various holistic methods of treatment and visualisation / meditation techniques with psycho-neuro-immunology. I have specialist training in massage and reflexology for cancer patients, as well as manual lymphatic drainage, scar massage and healthy eating advice to help manage sudden weight loss or the after effects of chemo or radiotherapy. I currently have a work placement at a locally based hospice offering some of these services as part of my degree.




Crystal Therapy


Earthy vibrational resonance to promote well-being. Crystals are a tool used to encourage the natural healing response within the body and throughout the subtle electro-magnetic field surrounding it. I work intuitively with the stones and may utilise crystal energies as an adjunct to other therapies or as a stand-alone treatment. Crystal healing sessions can involve positioning the stones in specific formations in order to facilitate the movement of energy, or placed over particular areas on the body of the client. Crystals are particularly compatible with sound healing, reiki or shamanic treatments.



Dynamic Bodywork


Encouraging freedom of movement and re-alignment. Dynamic bodywork is a creative method that incorporates massage with movement, developed by Darien Pritchard whom was blessed to be able to study with over the period of one year. Integrating the philosophy of awareness through movement that inspires Feldenkrais, and dancing with the body in a supportive space, we are encouraged to remember forgotten ways of being and moving. Dynamic bodywork includes Rythmobility, shaking and rocking into greater release, dynamic stretching, hands free massage, advanced deep tissue work, and the SuppleSpine programme of excercises for self care at home. Can be applied in an oil massage or clothed, seated or on a couch. Truly versatile and inspiring for practitioners and for clients receiving the treatment.



Hawaiian Lomi Lomi


Celebrating and honouring the body through kahuna wisdom. Lomilomi is deep prayerful bodywork that allows us to be embraced within the intention and blessings of Aloha - infinate compassion and ultimate joyful acceptance. The massage is performed in an intensified feild of Mana (life force energy) and the practitioner uses long flowing strokes to envelope the entire body in a bliss state. This is a healing modality that must be felt to be believed. It communicates the ancient wisdom of Huna through the medium of touch, reminding us of our personal power to create change and manifest magic in our lives by being in a receptive connected heartspace in the present moment. Lomilomi can also incorporate Ha transformative breathwork or Bonewashing to release held traumas and emotion from the periosteum.




Herbal Advice


Remedies & supplements to support the healing process. I am trained and qualified to offer guidance on the use of herbs for therapeutic benefit, and also nutritional supplements such as vitamins / minerals. I graduated from Alfred Vogel Institute with a distinction in Phyto-therapy, and obtained the Pharma Nord certificate in advice on Nutritional Supplements. We can use herbs or other supplements to encourage a state of balance and strength within the systems of the body. I can suggest remedies that may prove useful in helping to alleviate the symptoms of particular conditions, or to cleanse and detoxify the body to improve processes of digestion and excretion. Herbs and supplements can act as a useful adjunt to other therapies and empower clients to begin taking charge of their health as a part of daily routine. It is important to consult with a qualified medical practitioner if you intend to use supplements alongside other conventional medicines, or if you suffer with any serious diagnosed illness.


Holistic Facials

Specialist prescription aromatherapy facials incorporating high quality products from Neal's Yard Organic Beauty. Tailored to your skin type and involving the use of lymphatic drainage massage, acupressure, relaxation massage as well as a freshly made aromatherapy facial oil blend and  traditional deep cleanse, tone, miracle serum or masque and moisturise. Facials also include complimentary head, neck and hand massage to accompany the treatment itself. Facials help to boost collagen production, giving the skin a plump, clear and younger appearance, as well as removing dry and dead cells or impurities from the surface of the pores. They also help to regulate sebum production, balancing the oil secretions and giving a more even texture. The face has a huge number of nerve endings and many clients report a deep level of relaxation during facial massage sessions.

Holistic Massage


intuitive varied sessions incorporating many techniques. I have been practising and learning massage since early childhood. In holistic massage each session is unique, adapted to the client's needs and emotions on that particular day. It can be gentle, nurturing and relaxing, or more vigorous, energising and deep. I listen with my hands, tuning into the messages in the body that guide me in applying specific massage techniques appropriate to the individual during the treatment. Holistic massage incorporates methods from traditional Swedish massage, passive movement and stretching, trigger point therapy, deep tissue and remedial, acupressure, neuro-muscular technique, connective & soft tissue release, scar massage, manual lymph drainage, dynamic bodywork, Hawaiian or Thai bodywork.




Hot Stones


Grounding the elemental aspects,  soothing heat treatment. Hot stone therapy utilises the geothermal heat retention of volcanic basalt stones. The stones I use are naturally formed, emerging as magma from deep within the earth, flying through the air and then being shaped over aeons by the water in the flowing rivers of Peru. Not only does this treatment help to release tensions from the muscles with the penetrating action of heat, it helps boost detoxification and lymph drainage, as well as helping to regulate body temperature by challenging the internal thermostat. Hot stones is akin to crystal therapy as the stones have a deeply grounding and balancing effect on the subtle energy body. During the treatment stones are placed on specific acupressure points and chakras, as well as massaging the body.

Indian Head Massage

This treatment originated  from the massages given traditionally by Indian barbers and also within families, It also draws on the wisdom of Ayurveda (Sanskrit for “Science of Life”), a system of healthcare with roots in the ancient past still practiced in Asia and now worldwide. IHM has physical, emotional, mental, and subtle energetic benefits to the client receiving it. Treatments generally last between half and one hour. The movements vary from very light stroking to deep kneading, and cover the upper back, shoulders, neck, arms and head. Treatments can be relaxing and slow or very vigorous. Traditionally, a practitioner would tune into the subtle energy of a person receiving Indian head massage and adjust the session to work with Nadis (subtle energy channels) and Marma points (acupressure points), as well as the Chakras (wheels of energy flow that act as gateways for the Nadis). This helps to enhance the flow of Prana (life force) within the body and encourage a reconnection with the energies of the earth and sky.      




Nutrition Advice


Improving habits, nourishing & addressing specific issues. Good nutrition is the foundation of health and well-being. I may often suggest specific foods as a source of nutrients that may benefit health issues discussed during the consultation for other treatments that I practice. Extended specialist nutrition advice sessions require a food diary to be completed for a minimum of two weeks prior to the first appointment, taking into account all and any solid food or liquids consumed over that period, times of day and any symptoms, moods of relevance to that. Together we can address specific dietary requirements, goals and work to improve overall health through better nutrition. This may be achieved through a cleansing, detox and repair nourishment regime, or through the addition of new foods to an existing diet. I have studied natural nutrition, Ayurveda, macro-biotics, and have personal experience of raw / living foods and animal free cooking. I am qualified to advise on non-medical nutrition, if you have any serious diagnosed condition please follow the advice of a consultant dietitian in preference to any suggestions I might offer. 




Pregnancy / Post Natal Support


Gently addressing  challenges and preparing for the birth. I have had specialist training in supporting clients throughout the journey from the challenges of concieving, through to labour and beyond. I can offer assistance with issues such as sickness and nausea in early stages, back pain and hip problems in the later stages, or sleep loss. I can assist in encouraging good positioning for the baby prior to engagement, and help to facilitate pain relief techniques during the labour itself. Post partum I can provide nurturing respite and stimulate the body in it's regeneration process following the birth. I am happy to spend a session with mum and birth partner teaching specific pressure points and safe massage oils to use at the birth, or can accompany mums in labour myself with the consent of the consultant midwife.






Relaxing & rebalancing, releasing energy congestion. Reflexology works on the feet and hands to encourage a balanced flow of subtle energy throughout the body. It can be used to pinpoint specific organs and help to relieve the symptoms of particular ailments, or can be employed to give an overall sense of harmony and wellbeing. It has been the subject of several clinical trials that have shown its effectiveness for pain relief, relaxation and the relief of anxiety. It can also be beneficial for the issues of insomnia, muscle and joint problems, hormonal imbalances or PMT and the Menopause. I am specially trained in the application of reflexology for pregnant women, and cancer sufferers.




Reiki Energy Work


Reconnection to the universal energy matrix, repairing the field. Reiki means universal life energy. It is a vibrational healing modality that works with the subtle energy body to bring about a release of stuck energy in the chakras and a greater connection with the universe around us, bringing about release of patterns of emotion or awareness that we are ready to let go of. I utilise traditional Japanese Usui Reiki, as well as the more recent modalities of Tera Mai, Seichem and Karuna. Reiki sessions are very gentle and can be hands on or in the layers of the aura. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and offer Attunements to all three levels of reiki from beginner through practitioner to Master level. Sessions are intuitive and I may combine reiki with crystals, sound, angel magic or shamanic techniques as an adjunct to the work being done.




Sound Healing

Sacred song, drumming, pure tones & singing bowls. Everything that exists is vibrating to a sonic frequency. The organs of the body, our electro-magnetic feild, emotions and thoughts all have a song unique to their harmonious functioning. I work intuitively with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Harp, Voice, Drum and Bio-sonic Tuning forks, and the Angels of Sound to re-tune and release blocks withing the physical and subtle bodies using sound as a diagnostic tool and therapeutic modality. Together we can discover your heartsong and sing it back to shining wholeness. This may be used in conjunction with other treatment methods as a powerful adjunt. I trained with Simon Heather of the College of Sound Healing, as well as chanting workshops with the fabulous Oak and Ronni Dancing Flame.

Shamanic Work

Journeys for soul retrieval and connection with power animals/ancestors. Working to safely explore the inner landscape, using voice, drum and dance to enter an altered state of consciousness and access wisdom held within the ancestral lineage as well as that of spirit guides, guardians and teachers. A symbolic oracle that often supports us in our personal growth by encouraging a honouring and deeply listening path of increasing awareness, both of our secret selves and our connection to the greater whole of being. Shamanic healing is the oldest spiritual and healing tradition on the planet and the methods used hold similarities with indigenous ancient cultures all around the planet.


Sacred Intimacy Guidance

Reconnect to the sacred union, discovering our own divinity. Guidance, excercises and ritual from the tradition of Tantric Yoga. Exploring our relationship with god and goddess within ourselves. Releasing held traumas around issues with intimacy and the physical body as a vehicle to spiritual awakening. A safe held space to explore and open up, including visualisations, breathwork and bodywork invoking the sacred sensual aspects of our highest selves. This therapeutic work does not involve any direct sexual contact in the context of sessions i facilitate.




Thai Bodywork


Opening & stretching the body,  moving energy, aligning the spine. Thai yoga massage and bodywork is an ancient traditional system of healing that works by enabling the movement of energy along Sen lines following the natural contours of the body. It can be vigorous or gentle, incredibly powerful over the space of only a few sessions for increasing flexibility and circulation to the extremities, as well as facilitating re-alignment and release of joints or connective tissue adhesions. Thai bodywork is performed fully clothed on a floor mattress, and the practitioner uses hands, feet, knees, elbows and thumb pressure alongside full body stretches and counter-balances to guide the recipient through a passive yoga workout and relaxation sequence. I trained in Koh Pan Yang, Thailand initially and completed advanced practitioner training in Glastonbury with Simon Gall.



Creating tools for inner growth & manifestation. Our minds are incredibly powerful vehichles of awareness. We can harness and invoke the power of thought-forms in order to empower positive change in our lives, stimulate the immune system or ease pain. Visualisations are a proven method of enhancing performance in athletic sports as well as increasing personal effectiveness in relationships or the work environment. Situations that may seem challenging in real life can have an improved outcome following visualisation and meditation sessions. I believe that the electro-magnetic charge of somatic nervous activity acts as a conduit to connection with the zero point feild, a matrix of universal energy potential that connects everything in existence. Through visualising and affirming we can co-create reality and the lives we wish for. I have studied with experts in the feilds of meditation, shamanic journey and  psycho-neuro-immunology including William Bloom, Maxine Smillie, and Gen Chonden Kadampa Buddhist lama.